You’ve probably noticed that it’s trendy for household and cosmetic products to be natural, organic, environmentally friendly and vegan. But, too often labels can be misleading. Did you know that many of these products still contain ingredients that can harm our health and the environment? When our packaging says “worry-free ingredients”, we mean it! At ATTITUDE, we take transparency seriously. That’s why we want to share our development criteria with you and tell you a bit more how our products are made with ingredients that are safe for both us, our families and the environment.

How to choose for worry-free ingredients?

To make sure that cleaning or personal care products are truly natural, green and safe for your health and do not endanger the planet, look at the list of ingredients in a magnifying glass! Any claim must be clearly justified by rigorous development criteria supported by internationally recognized databases. That’s what we do at ATTITUDE.

Worry-free ingredients selection: our criteria

For ATTITUDE to consider an ingredient “worry-free,” it must be:


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We’ve explored the planet to discover the best natural ingredients, which have all been hand-picked from vegetable- and mineral-based sources.


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A contaminant is a by-product resulting from the manufacturing process. Since it is indirect, it does not need to be written on the list of ingredients and is also legally tolerated. To make sure our ingredients are free of cancer-causing chemicals, mutagens and endocrine disruptors, ATTITUDE closely monitor scientific databases identifying all substances that are potentially harmful to humans:

  • California Proposition 65: This database includes 963 natural and synthetic chemicals that are known to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm.
  • International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) (groups 1, 2A and 2B): 500 natural and synthetic chemicals that are classified as known or probable human carcinogens by the World Health Association (WHA).
  • CMR Substances: This list, compiled by the European Commission, classifies substances as carcinogenic, mutagenic or toxic for reproduction.


Raw material quality control and performance testing

Before anything else, we experiment! We always begin our development process by assessing the source of the raw materials used in manufacturing and end with performance and safety tests.



Before selecting any ingredients, all our suppliers must provide certification that their products contain no contaminants (indirect ingredients) and are free of known toxic substances according to international scientific databases. As a final quality control measure, we randomly select personal care and household products to send to an independent lab, where they are tested for commonly found toxic ingredients like 1,4-dioxane.



All our products are hypoallergenic. None of our ingredients are on the list of known allergens on cosmetics. We run experiments and extensive safety analyses to make sure our products are suitable for sensitive skin. Did you know that even natural ingredients can contain allergens?

Our worry-free and sustainable production criteria

Worry-free ingredients also means worry-free for the planet. We don’t just use ingredients that are natural, hypoallergenic and free of harmful contaminants – we also make sure that our manufacturing processes are sustainable, with minimal environmental impact.



Our products are made using 100% renewable energy – giving us a smaller carbon footprint. We even plant trees to compensate for any greenhouse gases created during manufacturing.




Our bottles are made with HDPE #2 plastic – the easiest plastic to recycle! After being sorted by residents and collected by waste management centers, our bottles are recycled to become new objects.



According to a life-cycle analysis that we conducted, our products and ingredients meet biodegradability, aquatic toxicity, renewable supply and end-of-life environmental criteria.

ATTITUDE’s trustworthy independent certifications




Most of our product lines are now EWG VerifiedTM. Our research and development team refers to Environmental Working Group (EWG) assessments when selecting safe ingredients. The US-based association lists more than 80,000 personal care products in its Skin Deep(R) database and analyzes more than 150,000 chemical ingredients, compiling them in toxicity and regulatory databases. EWG aims to be the gold standard in health and wellness. We are proud to offer EWG VerifiedTM products, as the organization guarantees safety and supports our mission to only use worry-free ingredients in our products.



All our products are certified by UL-ECOLOGO, a Canadian environmental label. We go beyond Ecologo’s standards by avoiding environmental contamination at every step, from sourcing raw materials to producing our packaging.



To us, worry-free also means our products are developed ethically and cruelty-free. That’s why all our products are certified vegan; they never contain any ingredients of animal origin. We’re proud to be members of PETA’s Beauty Without Bunnies program, which certifies that none of our ingredients or products are ever tested on animals.

At ATTITUDE, we promise you 0% of dirty ingredients!


New ingredients are only included in our R&D process when they meet all these standards. We want to see 0% of harmful ingredients in the compositions of our household and personal care products! We’re proud of the results – delivering green, sustainable and 100% worry-free ingredients and products that are free from allergens, animal products, carcinogens and endocrine disruptors!

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